So, we go from awesomeness to stress! Such is my life, unfortunately. I’ve got that freaky anxious feeling today that I can’t shake, and it seems like I can’t shake any opportunity to start freaking out: work assignments, money, etc. It feels like my insides want to take off and run. Even when I’m sitting trying to relax I feel like I am tight, unable to relax.

I got teary at work talking about my work load. We have to move out of our spaces on the 4th floor and move up to the 5th floor. Moving, any kind of move, is historically not a good thing for me. It doesn’t help that I already don’t have enough time to get my work done. Everyone is trying to be supportive at work, but still, I got teary. I just feel like a dope.

Those feelings are back, the feelings of worthlessness and futility. I should stop typing because this is hardly inspiring. As of yet, I have no readers. But when I do get readers this isn’t exactly the type of drivel most people want to read.

Searching my brain for something worthwhile to say, and I am coming up empty, which is how I feel – empty.

Fighting ideation. That’s bad bad news. It’s the unwelcome guest at the inn.

I hope tomorrow is better.

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