The Good Stuff

My favorite posts, all in one place. This page is still being created, so consider it in progress.

Am I the vase or the lamp? – a metaphor for healing

The pool – figuring out a new friendship

breathe, it’s just the doctor … – finally, a doctor’s visit without a PTSD meltdown on my part

Freddy Bear – the most painful post I’ve written thus far on this blog. Still miss and love Freddy Bear.

Pull those weeds! – a good way to ground oneself when dissociative

No God – feeling very alone in the world

The high shelf – a metaphor for setting things aside

I don’t pretend – the title says it all

measures of success – a really cool concept I learned from my therapist

God’s house is closed for business – a very bad day

Take stock – trying to make sense of the dissociative identity disorder diagnosis

Under the table – a therapy session under the table. No joke.

The day after the meltdown – the day I turned 40

To Michael –  a love lost due to PTSD

Why I try not to switch – To sum up: it scares me

Dear body – a plea to my body

I went on a mission – reconnecting with my ex-husband

Wrong – 20 years of wrong

Twenty years – a reunion that was not meant to be

Whoa to you, Mr. Lame Date – a lame date, enough said

A Memorial Day for memories, but not the usual sort … – remembering Dad

As I said before, I am a bad friend … – unfortunately, true, but working on it

None of this really happened – a game I play in my brain

I kept eating burgers – a good memory

It all adds up – goodness adds up

Happy Anniversary! – Anniversary poem

Will you be my friend? – making friends

Popcorn everywhere – a memory

Then and Now – the four year anniversary of my sexual assault

To my lovely co-workers … I’m sorry – a letter I wish I could have sent

You are the weird one between the two of us – a a short-lived dating experience

Fork in the road – a career decision

There are limits – DID limitations

Dear Mr. Last Date – an honest date

What they don’t tell you in AA – a primer of sorts

Love is the conundrum – the ultimate summation of my love addiction

The Irish chef – the Freshly Pressed piece in memory of my friend

An Alanon Meeting – my introduction to alanon

The best mistake – indeed, the best mistake of my life

Sunday – the perpetual Sunday challenge

preschool room – a DID leak

An ending – or rather, a new start

AA how I loathe you – another example of my AA frustration

some accidental clarity – a suicide brings clarity

it’s not an option – why drinking is not an option for me

Ex-husband, I cannot reply – all the reasons included therein

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