It all adds up

The Fourth of July was tough. However, I survived it. The day after The Fourth I became aware of the people that are in my life. The previous day I couldn’t see any of this. I could hardly see any light at all. But then I started hearing from various people in my life that I overlooked in the midst of my challenging day.

I had a couple of texts from a friend checking in on me telling me that she loved me, and was thinking of me. I got teary just reading the text. Then I heard from an old friend, and we talked on the phone for a bit. There was another friend that was emailing with me while he was on vacation just to stay in touch with me because he knew I was struggling. Those experiences got me thinking of the people who reach out in small ways: the random person at an AA meeting that spoke to me, a coworker who wished me well on my vacation, etc. I realized and finally felt that I was not alone in this life, that there are people that care about me.

It’s important for me to have this realization because in my darkest moments I convince myself that I do not matter to anyone in this life, and that my life is hardly worth living.

Just know that when you reach out to someone, no matter how small, it all adds up to getting that person to feeling like they matter in this world.

Everything we do adds up.

10 thoughts on “It all adds up

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! It takes courage to put your experiences out there, but you are not alone – and telling your story this way, I’m sure you have readers who will feel less alone knowing that you’re going through it too. Thank you again for doing what you do 🙂

  2. I read your post about your struggle on 4th July and admired your strength (and wisdom) to get yourself to three meetings.

    It sounds like you have a lovely selection of supportive friends who care enough to remember you amidst their celebrations.

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