What to do with Sabrina

I told Doc today about Sabrina.

We got off on rocky footing.

I cried, felt misunderstood.

He apologized.

Apparently, I need to get to know her.

But how?

I want to do the right thing, but I am scared.

Shutting my laptop down now as I am freaked out on many levels.

5 thoughts on “What to do with Sabrina

  1. Use dominant hand to write to communicate with her. With your less dominant hand let Sabrina do the talking. Then perhaps show this to the doc. My experience was that the more I communicated with my parts. And consistently practiced good self-care, the sooner they went away.You can do this…I have confidence in YOU!

  2. It may help to remember that Sabrina has, in her own way, helped you to survive to this point. It’s scary when new alters show themselves, but that is also a sign of progress. They feel more confident that they will be seen and heard and helped by you. They all need to know that you can take care of them, protect them, keep all of you safe. Be kind and gentle with yourself! It’s a challenging process but worth the effort, and it doesn’t last forever.

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