Gotta work, don’t wanna, but gotta

I just had a crazy, freaky session with Doc where I discovered I have a 10 year old inside me that is VERY MAD. Holy mama, this poor peep has a lot of anger. First she was happy to talk to Doc, and then she got mad. More on that later.

My immediate problem is that I need to take a witness statement in exactly 10 minutes, but I’m still a bit freaked from the session. I recall a few sessions back Doc told me about a time that he was terribly triggered,and he was the psychiatrist on call in the hospital. Unfortunately, he was paged and had to get himself together to go see a patient. If Doc can do it, then I can do it. Here I go …

8 thoughts on “Gotta work, don’t wanna, but gotta

  1. How is it to hear things like that from your Doc? Go you for blazing on through. Reflection time can come later I guess. It’s great you can still do that xx

    • Doc always asks if it’s ok to share something with me. Sometimes I say no if I’m not in a place where I think I can hear it. In this case, he shared the story with me because I was crying and saying that I should quit my job, that I was not fit for work. He then asked if he could share his experience with me. It helped, but it also made me realize that Doc is human and it brought his own PTSD into more of a reality for me. I liked envisioning him as always in control. This made him more human to me.

      I was able to do the statement, but it was very hard.

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