Scared numb

I want to go to church. Heck, I drove all the way here, and I’m in the parking lot. But for the entire drive here my head started doing that involuntary shake thing that usually means that at least one peep is trying to say No!

I love this church, but I feel my peeps getting all jacked up with the crowds of people. The peeps don’t like crowds, even though I try to explain that this is a good crowd. So, my system is freaking out, but I really want to go inside the damn church!

Out of compromise, I’m waiting until the very last minute to run inside as to minimize conversation before the service. I hate doing that because I look like a snob, and I do like meeting people, but we have to meet somewhere in the middle. Here goes, it’s time to go inside …

4 thoughts on “Scared numb

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