Last night

Last night at my friend’s house I was told I had bad dreams and cried out in my sleep. Great. I remember feeling bad in my sleep (I know that sounds strange), but I don’t recall any specifics. I think tonight my friend could tell I was feeling scared about going home, and he offered to rent a movie for us. Then I started falling asleep on the couch and he told me to go to his room to go to sleep. He insisted on taking the couch, though I would have felt better if I slept on the couch.

It’s nice sleeping here, but eventually I have to go home. Perhaps the fact that I can hear him cutting his toenails in the next room will motivate me to be fine with going home tomorrow …

10 thoughts on “Last night

  1. What a wonderful friend! It’s a blessing to have friends who are safe for you. You are brave to write this blog, and I hope that it helps you learn about yourself. Take care!

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