Letty here again

Hi guys,

Its Letty. We have been quiet on the blog. Beatriz is having a hard time getting used to some of us. She gets headaches, and there’s someone inside who is mean and tries to make her think she should die. She fights it but the fight makes her very tired.

We came to Dans house for the weekend. I helped Beatriz make peanut butter cookies and chocolate candies. Dan thinks we should live with him for a while until Beatriz gets better. I think it’s a good idea. Dan is nice. He a little strict but that’s ok. Even little Ronnie likes him but I have to keep stopping her from calling him Dad.

I hope Beatriz decides to move us in with Dan for a while. I like how organized he is. Beatriz is not organized at home. But Dan does not have a lot of sweets. He is very very healthy. I hope I can still have gummy bears if we live here.


Letty – 10 years old

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