Letty can’t wait

Hi guys

It’s Letty again. We are at work and I can’t wait to go home. I am behaving but it is hard. It is hard because we are going to my favorite market today.

I know I need to not come out at work. Beatriz does the work. I am allowed to be The Lookout. But I have to behave because this is work.

It is very hard to wait. I need to let Beatriz get back to work so that we can leave soon for gummy bears and chocolates. Oh yeah we are also getting roasted chicken but I care about the candy more.

Bye guys!


Letty – 10 years old

P.S. I am getting good at this blogging thing!

4 thoughts on “Letty can’t wait

  1. Hi Letty it is LJ I remember when we used to go to work and obviously none of us little’s were allowed out and it was horrible because we were ignored for days. Its good you get to do what you want outside of work though.

    • Hi LJ

      It’s Letty. I remember too when I was ignored by Beatriz. She didn’t know I was here. It was sad and bad because I got scared at her other job and came out.

      Now that Beatriz knows about me we try to plan things. I also HAVE to behave at work because that is how we get money for chocolates and gummy bears. Beatriz also likes her job. I don’t want to mess it up.

      We just got on the bus LJ! Finally! It was a very long wait because Beatriz has a big day at work tomorrow and she had to plan. But she says that it is good to have something to look forward to when you have to do something hard. My something hard was WAITING.

      It was very good talking to you LJ. You can call me a friend if you want.


      Letty – 10 years old

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