Hi from Letty

Hi guys

It’s Letty. I am ok tonight. We are doing better now. Beatriz cooked at Dan’s house last night. He had us come over to make him a dinner because he knows that helps Beatriz feel better. She likes to cook. We had pork chops and carrots and kale AND some nice rolls. Beatriz then made banana nutella hand pies. I like those a lot.

I talked to Doc today and told him I was mad that Beatriz told the lady at work about us cause I wanted her to lie. He said that its not a bad thing that Beatriz does not lie. I don’t know. I just wish the lady did not know about me. But she seems nice. I just feel better undercover. I like to hide. I feel better when I hide and can see people.

Beatriz forgot to leave the light on near the door. We came home and it was all very very dark. I got scared. Didn’t like it. Beatriz was sorry. She just forgot to leave the light on cause we were in a hurry this morning. The dark is very scary. I don’t like it. I wish there was never any dark anywhere in the world.


Letty  – 10 years old

3 thoughts on “Hi from Letty

  1. Hi Letty you sound the same as my twin Sheila. Wen we red this story you rote and red you like it better wen you can hide and see peepol then Sheila she sayed “Me too!!!” but then she was too scard to write to you and say hi so I did. From Koafie and Sheila. PS we don’t like the dark eether sept for sumtimes sheila don’t like lite because she can hide better in the dark and she get scard if its lite if she is hiding.

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