Day One

This blog is a year in my life of coping with PTSD, a window, if you will, into my world. Hopefully, this window will provide those of you struggling with PTSD a view that will help alleviate the feeling that you are alone in this. For family members or loved ones, this blog can give you insight into some of the challenges we face. Though I have to give this one caution. PTSD is very unique in how it manifests itself with each person. My triggers are not necessarily another person’s triggers. Everyone’s triggers and symptoms vary widely. So, with that understanding, my experience on this blog is all my own.

I should be going to bed. Sleep is one of my biggest challenges. I often have nightmares, and/or have trouble falling asleep. Getting enough sleep, and getting restful sleep is a daily challenge. We’ll see how it goes. Good night.

3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Nightmares. OMG. The nightmares. Hate them. I hate dreaming. I envy people who can fly, who are running and laughing through fields, who start their morning conversation with “I had the coolest dream last night!” I’m elated when I don’t dream at all. The only happy dreams I’ve had in years are recent ones… where my dad is still alive, with Alzheimers, and I agree to let him drive the car… and he is so happy. We drive in circles, and he smiles at me. And I feel safe. Because, really, when your name is the last word someone speaks before they die… you know that you were loved. Even if you never realized how much they loved you until after they were gone.

    Sorry for the ramble. I just read all of your posts, and for some reason, getting to the end (technically the beginning) just made me burst into tears. I’ll be following you on this journey for the next year. I look forward to seeing your progression as you conquer your daily battle with PTSD. I hope you’ll be able to look back a year from now and be amazed at how far you’ve come. I applaud your willingness to share your daily struggles… I’ll bet you touch more peoples’ lives than you could ever imagine.

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