Oh crap …

I was just talking to my boss, whom I’ve known for a number of years as a friend. Though she knows about my PTSD, I went to great lengths not to tell her about my DID. Well, today she inadvertently guessed that I have it. She did not do it maliciously, she was just guessing as to why I had a hard morning. I came in 20 minutes late, and told her i had a hard morning. She asked me what was hard about this morning, and I tried to be vague about the reason.

However, I must have told her enough for her to guess because she said, “maybe you have MPD.” I started shaking and twitching right there on the spot.

She felt bad, and said she didn’t mean to upset me, she was just offering up a possibility for my difficulties. I then admitted to her that I have DID.

I was floored with how supportive she was with this news. She said, “you’re working on it, that’s what counts. But, you know, for all the years I’ve known you, this makes sense.”

It was nice that she was supportive, but my peeps did not appreciate this surprise.

9 thoughts on “Oh crap …

  1. It’s great that she was supportive, must make it easier. I think I have had similar feeling a lot in the past months. Kind of like when you both are relieved that you finally have shared some of the hardest things about you, and you are both happy the other person is comforting and understanding, and at the same time feel weak in the knees and a little nauseous that you have said something like that to someone you aren’t closest to.

  2. Wow. A boss who knows what DID is?! What a rareity! I hope this is the start of some good understanding between the two of you. I know it’s frightening to think that DID is visible to others before you’ve realised yourself – I had that when I told my best friend of 8 years. It’s odd. But all good. Xx

    • It is a rare thing! I hope it is all good. She was very good with it, heck, she guessed it. As we sat in her office she started mentioning different things she noticed over the years that confirmed the diagnosis. I just about fell out of my chair. She was very nice and supportive. It just scares me that she knows. I feel exposed.

  3. I hope as times goes in, she is someone that you can talk to a bit more about this – it might be very helpful to have someone supportive in the workplace that is aware of what is going on.

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