Letty The Lookout

Hi guys,

I am scared. I Gotta keep it together. It is hard. I know I am not supposed to be here right now, but I am here.

I think I gotta keep watch. You never know when things are gonna happen.

Beatriz and I went to lunch early so that we can get it together.

It feels weird being in her big body. She wore a new bra today that feels like we are strapped in for take-off. I hate it. I feel bunched. I told Beatriz to take it off. She says we can’t. It has to stay on. She said something about being WORK APPROPRIATE. Boring! And I am still bunched. She said that is what happens when I come out at work. That she’s in boring clothes that bunch. Ugh.

She does not understand that I have a job to do. I am The Lookout!



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