My name Letty

Ok, I know I already talked today. But I have more to say to you guys. Beatriz let me get back on again, but she says we need to go to sleep soon. Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys about my name. My name Letty stands for Let me! You know, like

Let Me Go

Let Me Out of Here

Let Me Be

Let Me Alone

Get it?

BUT we are not telling Doc my name. He wants to know. I won’t tell him. Don’t tell him. Please.

Ok, Beatriz says it’s bedtime. Bummer. I HATE bedtime big time, like huge big time. I wish bedtime did not exist. EVER. Beatriz says she understands but we still have to go to bed because she has to work. She has to work so that we can buy food and pay for our apartment. I like our apartment but I don’t like us to be alone in it.

Alright now I really gotta go. Beatriz says that if I don’t go right now I won’t get to play with my new Strawberry Shortcake app in bed. So I better go.

Bye bye



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