Dear body

Dear body,

I know you have a mind of your own, but I need to get to sleep. You see, you and I have not been getting along well lately. How can I count the ways? There was the chipped tooth in my sleep. Yesterday it was weird pain in both of my shoulders when I woke up. Pray tell, what were we doing in the night? Never mind, I probably don’t want to know. Then there’s always the intermittent painful right leg that hampers me upon waking just about once a week. I think I know what that one is about, but, really, didn’t we already suffer enough when that actually took place live and in person?

So, how about we go to sleep, just normal boring sleep like a well-adjusted person? I know we’re not well-adjusted, but we can pretend for the night, can we? You see, here’s the thing, I like to be employed. It’s nice paying my bills, making rent, putting gas in my car, eating … I know, I can be so high maintenance. What can I say? I like the good life. But, in order to do these things I need to sleep RIGHT NOW. The bonus is that you get to do these awesome things with me. So, how about we turn out the lights, snuggle up with my stuffed Grinchy (I’m already in the holiday spirit!) and try to get some sleep? I’m game if you are.

In appreciation,

Beatriz (the inhabitant of said body)

8 thoughts on “Dear body

  1. When this happens, have you ever tried to create a little ritual around going to bed? Think of your littlest peeps. They need some transition. For example, when you’re washing up, start thinking about how much you like this ritual, and then describe it in your mind. Imagine yourself doing it. Then actually do it.

    The ritual itself needs to be something personal to you. Some ideas: a favorite children’s book(s) to read a page or two from; a tape of children’s songs; talking about your day with a favorite stuffed animal; or prayer, if that is personal to you. The point is to create a safe space around going to bed and going to sleep. I’m sure you can think of things that help you feel safe.

    Sleep can also be a “trigger” of sorts. I had a terrible time until I realized that my dreams were trying to tell me something important. Then I’d fear going to sleep because of the dreams. I was afraid of what they might tell me. I ended up writing it all down, keeping track of the dreams in writing, and noting elements that kept re-appearing. By doing this work, I showed myself that I was serious about finding out answers and taking care of myself.

    You are in my thoughts…take care. Cinda

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