Letty had a hard day

I had a hard day. Beatriz was sad all day because we did not make it to church because of me. I did not want to go. I was scared she was gonna yell at me. She said said that she doesn’t like to yell. It’s not how she does things. Then I got sadder because she was still sad. She said we would talk to Doc about it tomorrow.

I thought Beatriz was not going to pay attention to me all day, but we went to Barnes and Noble. She let me have a passion fruit iced tea like I like to have. She also let me read my new Ivy and Bean book that she bought me on her Nook. Then I asked if I could get the next Ivy and Bean book. She said not to PRESS MY LUCK. Okay.

I don’t want her to hate me. I am scared.

She said she does not hate me. She said I need to understand that not all churches are bad. This is a different church from what we knew at home. This is something called UUs. They also say they are free seekers. Beatriz reminded me that this is the same church where I get to help build gingerbread houses next Saturday with other kids my age. Beatriz signed up as a helper so that I could come along. She asked if she should cancel that. I said no I want to make gingerbread houses with other kids. I don’t get to see a lot of kids. She said that since I didn’t want to join then maybe we shouldn’t do church things anymore. But I just didn’t want us to get up in front of the whole church. It scared me. She didn’t cancel the gingerbread house thing. I am glad.

But she is still sad and kind of mad. But I think not as mad.

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