Letty messed up

Beatriz is not happy with me. We were supposed to go to church today. Beatriz was going to join her church today. I said no. The church is ok. We were going to have to get up in front of the church today. I said no way. I can’t do my job if we are getting up in front of all the people like that.

Beatriz is sad because she wanted to go. But she could not drive because I showed up. I would not go away. She says that these people are nice. Yeah right. I heard that before.

I am sad too. I wish Beatriz was not mad at me. She don’t understand that I have jobs to do.

I think I messed up.

5 thoughts on “Letty messed up

  1. You are taking your job very seriously, and I am sure that Beatriz is very happy that you there to watch out for her. But maybe Beatriz just wants you to trust her to make some choices, too.

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