Twenty years

20 years later we found each other again.
It was like time had not passed between us.

It all came rushing back,
the way you give your cats voices and stories,
and your profanity that would be uncouth on anyone else.

You call me princess, and I remember how it felt 20 years ago.
This DID is full of surprises.
I didn’t remember you dumpster-diving for my coupons you accidentally threw away,
or my best friend with hardly a penny to her name flying to see me.

You talked to Letty, Ronnie and Sabrina,
and you showed them love and understanding.
We decided we belonged together after all these years.

April 12th was the day you chose for a fresh start.
You were coming home to me.

In between all the planning we just talked,
talked about life, and stupid stuff, like made-up cat stories.
The laughing, so real, unlike any laugh I’ve had in decades.

All I could promise was tea and toast with me every day.
We don’t have a lot of money, but we felt like the richest duo around.

But then there came the email.
I was merely a fantasy.
Your family needs you, and you hope I can forgive you.

I can forgive you.
But can Letty?
You have to ask them as well.

Twenty years from now, there will not be another chance.
There will be no other moment like the one we had.
I know what you said no to, but do you?

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