Life is a lie

This life is a lie,
Just like me.

The true me is too crazy,
And lost for living.

Who is real?

Little Ronnie?

Or none of the above,
None are real.

All are just waiting to be found out.
Found out for the clink,
The Mental Marriott,
Whatever you want to call it.

We stay adrift until that day comes.

9 thoughts on “Life is a lie

  1. Each person on this earth is unique, real, lovable and deserving of the best that life has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this belief. You are a strong person, your inner peeps are strong, but you all need to learn how to work together, to share what you know, and to trust each other. Every one of you is real. None of you is false.

    Is there an inner peep who could step forward when everyone gets down and knows how to be comforting and gentle with you all? Or do you have a routine you can follow when things start to get dark? For example, when I felt The Dooms hit, I would write about it in my notebook journal, then I’d purposefully do something that I loved — read a short story, watch a favorite TV show, go for a walk, etc. I wanted to show myself that I cared about myself.

    Hang in there! You can handle this. You have the strength and intelligence.


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