Trying to keep going ….

… but it is like trying to easily get gum out of your hair.

Right now, I am stuck in a car in a parking lot. Just stuck, frozen with undefined malaise and despair. Trying to convince myself that my life is not over, that there are reasons to keep trying.

All day I’ve had that feeling of impending doom. I think it’s the warmer weather. I oddly get triggered in warmer weather, yes, it’s vexing to be that way.

The floaties are coming, and that’s not good either. How, oh how, do we turn this hot mess around that is us?

8 thoughts on “Trying to keep going ….

  1. I don’t know if this might help or not, but if you haven’t tried this before, stop thinking for a bit. Hope is somehow an argument you never win with yourself anyway. It isn’t that rational to start with. And thinking is not what we do best when we feel depressed. Instead, look at dash of the car, think of the air temperature, the smell in the car (is it good or bad?), what things look like outside. When it’s time to start thinking again, think of your pets, a garden or a tree you like, a joke you saw on TV–anything that is pleasant and not complex. Then see if you can get out of the car.

    Take care.

  2. There are always more chances than we realize, your life isn’t over. I do tend to have that feeling too sometimes, so I know how hard it is to get out of it once you have it…Try to make some writing for yourself, like mantra or something, that would in such moments remind you that things aren’t so bad…wish I could help more. Good luck! Will be thinking of you.

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