Finding Sabrina

I found another peep, another alter … and I am scared.

She’s a problem, and her name is Sabrina.

I’ve been aware of Sabrina’s behaviors before now, but it occurred to me this weekend that everything I’ve observed makes up an alter. I always thought I was just crazy in another form. Now at least I know what form of crazy I am.

While sitting during an acoustic jazz concert I became aware that she was trying to tell me her name. I should probably stop going to concerts because I find that I dissociate or switch during them. I’ve no idea why, and it’s vexing because I enjoy live music.

It became a battle between Beatriz and Sabrina.

I won in the end, but I lost time afterwards, then fell asleep. But at least I didn’t do what Sabrina wanted. I’ll just say it would have been a backwards step, a slip, a let-down.

Sabrina wanted Jack, but Jack is my friend. We managed to get home without disastrous moves.

I’m exhausted from the experience.

10 thoughts on “Finding Sabrina

    • Boy, you really hit the nail on head. That’s exactly what Doc and I talked about in session today. What a doozy that was! Apparently finding peace with her is the only chance of not having another disaster.

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