Letty is doing better

Hi guys,

I know it has been a while. We had a hard time of it, and Doc helped us a lot. We did neurofeedback again, and I think that helped us feel less scared.

We are now on vacation, visiting Beatriz’s sister and nephews. It’s nice to be around kids my own age. I even lent Hammy the stuffed pink hamster to my nephew Kit. He’s 7 years old.

Sometimes I feel us start to shake, and I don’t know why that happens. I wish we did not get scared so much. I like it here because it is not lonely.

But I have to be undercover here because the little boys don’t know about me. But the oldest one is very smart, and he noticed once when Beatriz shook a little. She just smiled and said she didn’t know why it happened. Not sure he believed it though.

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re making a gingerbread house today! Yeah!


Letty – 10 years old

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