Letty tries to help

Hi guys,

Letty is here. I am trying to help, but there is a lot happening. Beatriz and I are trying to help Little Ronnie feel better. She won’t listen to us. I am going to try something. I am going to type a blog post for her. I actually did that last time she posted.

I want my mommy! I want my mommy! Where is she? Did she leave me? Please help me find my mommy!

So, that’s Ronnie, and The Mean One keeps singing about dying. Beatriz keeps trying to talk to her, to find out her name. But she won’t tell us. She just keeps shaking her head like she’s saying No, and she keeps singing about dying. Beatriz called Doc. He said to show Little Ronnie and The Mean One love.

We are trying.


A Very Tired Letty
10 years old

6 thoughts on “Letty tries to help

  1. Such hard work. Good on you for helping in any way you can. Get some rest though. You are all dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil at the moment and probably will feel very exhausted xx

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