I miss wearing necklaces

What you see above is my favorite necklace. Right now, for some reason, I cannot wear it for any significant period of time. Necklaces are my favorite pieces of jewelry. But, lately, I start to get this panicky chokey feeling any time I am wearing one. I few times at work I had to, all of a sudden, take off my necklace. I’ve given up wearing them altogether.

With giving up necklaces, I often get annoyed in the morning when I put on one of my outfits that goes perfectly with the necklace pictured above. I stare at the bare spot on my neck where the necklace would go, and I feel incomplete. But, I’m doing everything I can to avoid dissociation and triggers, so I don’t wear a necklace.

The most vexing thing about this situation is that I don’t know why I have this reaction with anything touching my neck. I have absolutely no memory of anything that can account for this. All I know is how I feel if I have a necklace on, or if someone I am dating touches my neck.

I miss my pink flower necklace.

7 thoughts on “I miss wearing necklaces

    • So sorry Bourbon. I’m never sure if it’s better to know or not to know. I don’t know why I have trouble with my neck. My therapist says when and if I’m ready to know that it will come, not to force it. She became concerned when I told a couple of years ago that I wanted to investigate some of the things I had questions about like my neck and other things. She discouraged it because she felt it could be destabilizing for me to learn such things before I’m ready to handle them.

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