brain fight

My brain and I are fighting, and I think I’m losing.

Today was one of those hard days with my brain where the twitchiness would not stop.

I tried smelling my lotions, eating Chewy Sprees, drinking herbal tea … to no avail.

The despair and anxiety just perseveres against my efforts.

Finally, I took a shower, and still no change.

I’m arguing with my brain again, my brain that thinks I’m unworthy.

We’re at a stalemate, me and my brain.

15 thoughts on “brain fight

  1. I understand. Hope your brain gives you some peace today. I guess it is full of those messages from the abusers… from the past. It churns them out automatically from time to time. Still your friends here can help you fight it: you’re not unworthy far from it. You’re very much needed and loved here B xxx

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