The boring diner

There’s this diner near my apartment that I love. It’s actually a very pedestrian diner. The food is okay, not great or bad, just fine. The service is probably the best part of the place. The staff are always friendly. There’s one sweet girl that remembers I like tea, and today she asked me, “What kind of tea will it be today?” I chose iced tea since it was hot outside. Even as I chose it I knew that the hot tea was a better choice, but I wanted iced tea. So, I prepared myself for what was coming, and this is what I got.

As you can see, I am guilty of starting to drink it before I remembered to take a picture. Yes, I was thirsty. I needed to quench my thirst. But, this was instant iced tea! I know, I know, such things should be outlawed. However, because I know their iced tea is instant my taste buds were prepared for it.

Then I ordered the pancakes with nutella and bananas with bacon on the side.

The pancakes are likely from a mix as they don’t have the buttermilk tang that they would possess if they were made from scratch. But that’s why I get them with the nutella and bananas. They hide the bland pancakes, and give them flavor.

Every time I decide I’m going to go to the diner to eat I tell myself that I should choose a more exciting restaurant, one with a better menu. However, there’s a comfort I have in eating here, and I always feel welcome. I know exactly what I can expect every single time I dine here, and they never let me down. It’s always over air-conditioned in the summer, and I need to carry in a cardigan. So, I’m always prepared with one.

As a person with PTSD it’s nice to have things I can count in life to be the same no matter what. My diner never changes. The iced tea is instant. The pancakes are from a mix, and the place is too cool in the summer. And every weekend I eat here.

4 thoughts on “The boring diner

  1. That’s why I go to a restaurant I like here in the UK and order the same thing pretty much every time. I hate change and I love no surprises 🙂 yummy iced tea ! Xx

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