Car accident = freaked out

I had a minor car accident this morning, no one was hurt. An elderly man hit me in a store parking lot. He really did not want me to file a police report. When he hit me I started cursing in my car, but once I got out of the car, I was amazed that I was calm. Thank god I was calm. I was afraid I was in the midst of switching, especially with the cursing because it isn’t like me to curse.

Police came and made him fork over all the relevant information for me. I started to drive away, and he almost hit me again! Then I found myself floaty while driving. I quickly pulled into a diner, and stayed there even after I finished eating because I felt like I was in a fog.

I walked out to my car, and that felt like a Herculean effort. I started feeling myself float away in the car, so I just sat there. Two hours passed before I deemed it safe to drive. Excruciating. Then I drove to a bookstore. Thankfully, only a few blocks from the diner, and stayed in my car another 45 minutes. Finally, I made it inside the bookstore. Geesh! So productive today, arent we?

Now I’m just sitting here in a mini fog, but still a fog. I had a crying spell in the car, and now I’m calmer. Is the whole weekend going to be like this? Oy! I really hope not. Please, universe, Gods, whomever, help me find a calm mind again.

17 thoughts on “Car accident = freaked out

  1. What a rotten day 😦 Glad it was a minor accident but it still shakes you up badly doesn’t it. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Good on you for doing everything you needed to to get home safely. xx

  2. I’m very sorry you had this experience. It really sounds like it scared some little ones. I am impressed at how you handled the foggy state while driving. I don’t seem to have enough…I don’t know…internal communication? Control? I don’t know, but when that happens to us, I just float away and let whomever out. While driving, that has never been good. lol


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  4. Car accidents do nothing for PTSD. I’ve never had a “fog” reaction–I’ve triggered my heart condition from all the adrenalin–but I’ve also had my children in my car and somehow that helped me keep a “present” head. SOrry you had such a bad day. I know the feeling.

  5. So very sorry about the accident. I’m glad you weren’t hurt and no one else was hurt. It sounds like you did everything you needed to do to take care of yourself and your inner peeps. It sounds like they were pretty scared and needing comfort too. You’re doing fine, no matter how confusing it all is. Cinda

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