She can sing

For as long as I can remember I have loved music. At one time I recall being able to sing and even singing in a children’s choir. One day the ability to sing was gone, just like that. Somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade I no longer had the ability to sing on key. It bothered me immensely, mostly because I loved to sing, and I just loved music. I followed around the school choirs that I could never join because music teachers would just shake their head no at me any time I even dared to try to join. I never understood why I cared so much about the damn choir.

Now it’s like I found the missing piece of the puzzle with the discovery that Ronnie can sing. We get in the car, and we sing and sing and sing. We sing everything – Pink, Fleetwood Mac, even Blake Shelton. Sometimes I try to sing, and it just falls flat. I try again, and it falls flat again. Finally, I just give in and let Ronnie sing. I let her sing, and I finally feel that void being filled that I’ve carried around since I stopped singing. She sings, and I feel the pure happiness the comes out of us from the sheer act of singing.

Apparently, Ronnie wants me to download the new Blake Shelton song, “Boys ‘Round Here.” It’s not age appropriate, but she has good taste.

5 thoughts on “She can sing

  1. I’m so glad you’ve found your singing talents again! I’m the same with swimming. I was a brilliant swimmer as a child and then all of a sudden I lost it and now I can’t swim, AT ALL. I do wonder if perhaps one of the little alters has that ability all tied up with them but I’m too scared to go swimming to find out lol xx

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