a moral center

How does one acquire a moral center?

Theories abound on this concept. Lately, though, I wonder how I acquired my moral center. Doc insists that there must have been some adult in my life with a positive influence, but I come up empty in trying to think of someone. I would love to know how one acquires a knowledge of right and wrong when there are few to no role models for such concepts.

Lately, I’m troubled by what I’m uncovering in therapy. I find myself wondering how I even have my moral code. How do we learn right from wrong with a childhood full of wrongs?

I once asked my sister Cate this question and she remarked, “The Cosby Show?” I laughed, but she may be on to something.

5 thoughts on “a moral center

  1. that’s a really good question. i used to love The Cosby Show, when I was a kid, or any family shows of the like, because I longed to have one like them. Now as an adult, I notice that in The Cosby Show, “Clair” was a domineering, somewhat controlling person who belittled her “Husband” a lot.

  2. well, it is something to ponder – Harry Potter is actually an interesting example of this (yes, I have had this discussion before).

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