hope, no hope …

Somehow, you can live. You can thrive. It doesn’t have to be this.

It will never change it will always be THIS … this existence. 

It doesn’t have to be. Talk to people. Get outside. Find the people that care.

When do you ever learn? People only care for a finite period of time. It ALWAYS ends in some form. You … we scare people away. Stop trying to make friends. Get the message. If you’re going to stay in this life accept that it will be a lonely and solitary existence. 

No, I won’t accept that. I can’t. It’s not in me to accept that as fate. There must be people out there that care. The world cannot be this dark. It simply cannot be devoid of hope. I see it at work. There are people that actually like me. It’s not in my head.

Take a look around. The proof is in the solitary existence. 

Tomorrow I’m not staying in this apartment. I’ll go to the diner, maybe even an AA meeting later in the day. Things will look better in the sunlight.

Go ahead and believe what you want or need to believe. The truth will be staring you in the face in the end. 

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