Yet again I am stuck in my car. Finally dropped the laundry off, got my meds, stopped and had dinner. I am at Starbucks, but the damn place is full, not a place to sit.

I can’t go home right now because I will never make it back out to pick up my laundry in an hour. So, here I sit because I am too foggy to drive to the coffee shop just 2 minutes away. Blech.

I appreciate everyone who has commented, and made me feel less alone today. I am sorry I’ve not been good about replying to comments, but please know that they are read and appreciated more than you know.

It does not feel like there is going to be relief for me any time soon. This is half a life, not a full life.

11 thoughts on “Again!

  1. Hang in there. I suspect its probably a very good thing that you are able to realize whats going on and even more so, talk about it – so to speak. Much hugs.

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