Letty’s Report

Hi guys,

I missed blogging with you guys. It’s been a hard time. Today Beatriz had a hard time waking up. We woke up late, but then all the snow outside scared her because we had a long drive to Doc’s office. We woke up late because we had trouble staying asleep, something has been scaring her. Then the snow also scared her, and she called Doc to say we were not coming today. Well, then Doc didn’t listen very well and he said that Beatriz needed to pay for the session if she didn’t come. He also sounded mad. He doesn’t make her pay if  we can’t come because she is sick or if the weather is bad. But then he sounded mad and Beatriz had trouble talking. She has trouble talking when she is scared.

Doc couldn’t understand what she was saying so he said, “Can someone else in there tell me what’s going on?” So, I spoke up, and told him why she was scared. He said he was sorry, and that he misunderstood. But I am still mad at him because he was not nice to Beatriz and she started to cry. The more I think about it, guys, the madder I get at Doc. He’s grouchy sometimes, and Beatriz is very sensitive.

Then we had trouble getting out of bed. Beatriz wanted to go into work early since we didn’t go see Doc. But she couldn’t get out of bed. Doc told me to have her do some tapping and do something called “co-consciousness.” We tried to tap (that’s the Emotional Freedom Technique), but she was too out of it. And I did not understand his “co-consciousness” thing. I wanted to tell him, “Doc, if you were just NICER when she called we wouldn’t be here!” I had extra work because of that cranky guy. I don’t mind having extra work to help Beatriz. I just don’t like seeing her like that.

So, I did the only thing I know how to do. I got all the blankets around Beatriz like a cocoon. She likes the nice white one against her skin because she likes how it feels. So I made sure that one was the first one on her. We cocooned until we had to get up.

It’s not what Doc wanted, but I can only do so much. He can help me out by not being a cranky old man.

I like talking to you guys again.

Letty – 10 years old

2 thoughts on “Letty’s Report

  1. Boo to the grouchy man 😦 Good on you for coming on through and helping to help him understand what was going on. Sounds like he needs to have a little bit more patience when dealing with traumatised/dissociated clients! Listening Letty, xox

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