Last night was scary for Letty

Hi guys,

I’m at lunch with Beatriz. Last night was scary for us. It’s very very cold here, and I got scared that we would not have a place to live. Beatriz’s mom used to yell a lot about losing the house and not having a place to live if we did not have enough money. I used to get very scared of that happening when it got cold outside.

I called Dan, Beatriz’s friend. He figured out it was me, and not Beatriz, but he was ok with that. He asked me why I didn’t say at the beginning that it was me. I told him that I didn’t want to scare him, and he said I didn’t have to worry about that. He also said we would never be homeless, and that even if that happened that we could live with him. But he said that he doesn’t ever see us becoming homeless because Beatriz has a job.

I hope he is right, and I wish my brain believed what he said.

Scared Letty – 10 years old

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