For pizza’s sake

Hi guys,

It’s Letty here! Beatriz is letting me blog today on here. I am so happy to blog for you guys.

We went to my favorite store for pizza today. We tried going yesterday but they ran out of pizza slices. I was mad cause there was no pizza for me. I want to reserve pizza slices but Beatriz says we can’t reserve slices. That’s dumb that we can’t reserve slices.

But today there was pizza!

pizzaFor pizza’s sake! They only had two slices! But I still took them! They had red peppers and onions in them, and the crust was not too crunchy.

Then I had to have veggies. Blah!

kaleIt’s kale with squash and stuff. It was okay.

The table had nice flowers.

flowers coopI wanted to take the flowers home, but Beatriz said that they weren’t for taking. So I smelled them. But I guess I smelled them too long cause Beatriz said I needed to put them down. Oh well.

I had pizza and I got to look at flowers today. It was a good day.

Bye everybody!



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