The night before the session

Dear Doc,

Tomorrow is the first time I’ll be seeing you since our weekend interaction. You apologized for what happened, and asked me to come in to see you yesterday, and I am heartened that you offered to see me without charging me for the session because of what took place. Even so, I wasn’t ready to see you just yet. I needed a day where you were not a prominent part of my thoughts. I was finally feeling at peace, and, in all honesty, I didn’t want to mess it up. 

Sometimes I don’t know how you’re going to be in a session or on the phone. Issues with the insurance company send you into a tailspin, and there are other times when you can be short with me for any number of reasons. 

I still don’t know what I’m going to decide regarding my treatment with you. At this point I feel like I really don’t even want to talk all that much tomorrow. If that comes to pass it might be the shortest session ever. 

Just typing this was mentally exhausting. And, with that, I’m going to bed.


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