Emerging From Under the Rubble …

After a triggering event I often feel like I’ve awakened from a deep sleep. That is how I feel now. I slept a ton, which is also par for the course after being triggered. Hope is back in my psyche. (thankfully!)

I am in the calm and quiet of the Barnes and Noble Starbucks. Books, central air conditioning, and iced tea are just the right potion right now.

Two months ago I attended a wonderful workshop at Kripalu on using yoga and music to heal trauma. A special shout out to Louise Montello and Shari Friedrichsen for this beautiful 3 day workshop. I hope they do it again. We had the privilege of being the first to experience this workshop. I mention this workshop because today, in my regained sense of calm, I started reminiscing about this experience, and it led me to the notes I took during those three days.

On the final day of the workshop Louise asked us to write a “story song” to summarize our trauma and how life was now, and we needed to do this in five sentences. In that moment it just came to me, and it came to me as a poem. I didn’t exactly adhere to the five sentences, but I found I came closer than a lot of people. Here’s what shot out of me like a bullet:

Bye Dad, no Dad.

Scary Mom, run away.

Bad Men.

Drink it away.

Wake up.

Put the drink away,

And live.

It was nice remembering this poem, and how I felt in the moment I wrote it. The “And live” part is what I try to focus on these days. Some days are more successful than others. Today is one of those more successful days.

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