the grocery store

I was doing fine until this evening. Now I feel panicky and twitchy. In an effort to combat my panicky and twitchy feeling I took myself to the grocery store. I had forgotten a few items on the first trip to the store so I thought it was a good time to go back out.

In an odd, but helpful turn of events, my shopping list landed me in the refrigerated and freezer aisles, a perfect place to get grounded with the cold temperature!

First, I needed iced tea.

That unsweetened tea sells rather quickly, as you can see! People are learning that unsweetened is better.

Then I needed yogurt, which was across from the tea.

I got lucky. They had my Fage Plain 0% Fat yogurt. It often runs out! I had my items and started heading to cash out when I noticed the ice cream aisle. So, of course, I headed for some ice cream.

Is that Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla Bean in the single serving size? Yes it is! Am I lactose intolerant? Yes, I am, but that’s why they invented lactaid pills.

Going to the grocery store was a good distraction, and I got the items I previously forgot, minus the ice cream. That was a bonus impulse buy. I am not completely out of the triggery panicky woods, but I think I’m better off by having gone to the store, and I’m certainly not worse off for the trip.

Everyday we do the best we can.

12 thoughts on “the grocery store

  1. You did wonderfully! Good job getting out and away from the pain! The small redirect in focus really helps! Progress! It takes baby steps… the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! You’re doing it!

  2. Don’t we just. Going food shopping is a bad idea if I’m trying to stay grounded. I pretty much always switch. But you have found something that works for you and that’s fab. Iced tea is also fab. Mmm xx

    • Hi Bourbon,

      I find it interesting that what works for one person can very well be the wrong thing for someone else. Sometimes it seems like we have to stumble around to find what works for us because no book is going to tell us.

      Yeah, it’s weird that the grocery store works for me, have no idea why it does.

      Thinking of you today.

      Be well,


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