We’ve been Freshly Pressed!

Hi all,

This evening after my neighborhood walk, where I just kind of soldiered on taking the walk in a most obligatory manner, I glanced at my email to discover that The Irish Chef piece I posted last night was chosen to be Freshly Pressed by WordPress. I should be showing up on the Freshly Pressed site in a few days. I am flattered, flabbergasted, and honored all in one fell swoop. It just goes to show that we just have to keep writing. This past weekend I wrote more than I have in a very long time, and I wrote that piece right before bed after a marathon day of writing. It is so true that those marathons are needed so that the better writing can flow out of us. I need to remember to show up everyday to write. That’s the hardest thing for me, especially with the other daily challenges of DID and PTSD.

Before I received the email re: the Freshly Pressed post I was ruminating on ridiculous things. I was in one of those depressive and anxious moments that can throw you into a vortex of anxiety and despair. Getting the email enabled me to see that things are not so black and white, even in the midst of anxiety and uncertainly there can be moments of joy and happiness. The other concerns don’t entirely disappear, but they are somewhat mitigated by the small joys that we trip over in the day-to-day of life, and this one of those small joys.

Thank you for the continued support of my blog. It is much appreciated. I so often feel incredibly alone and unmoored, and your continued support means a great deal to me. I can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to read my stuff. This blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It keeps me honest.

There are reasons to keep going, we just have to look.

In appreciation,